Welcome to the Lowther Manor Lodge No. 781 F. & A.M. virtual lodge! The Officers and members of the lodge extend fraternal greetings to all Freemasons and visitors who have come to these portals. All are welcome!

   These pages provide information about Lowther Manor Lodge in particular and Freemasonry in general. We have also provided links to the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania and other Masonic websites. This is a great place to begin your exploration of Freemasonry.

   We aspire to be the Premier Lodge in Central Pennsylvania. Our lodge has developed a reputation over the years for being a friendly lodge. We have also worked very hard to maintain a standard of excellence in the quality of our ritualistic work and in the variety and quality of the fraternal, charitable, and community service programs we support. Come visit us and see for yourself!

William Penn Lowther Manor

Lowther Manor


Pennsylvania Freemasonry and Lowther Manor Lodge have a rich Masonic tradition.

Learn more about this and what makes Lowther Manor Lodge a special place:

  • We are a friendly lodge.

  • We are an active lodge.

  • We take pride in our work.

Lowther Manor Lodge Car Show

Activities & Events


Explore all the activities and opportunities for service that Lowther Manor Lodge offers. Did you know the lodge sponsors the only Masonic Car Show in Pennsylvania benefiting scholarships in the automotive and other trades?

Freemasons Shaking Hands

Becoming A Mason


Freemasonry is the oldest existing men's fraternal organization in the world. To become a Mason you must be;

  • a man,

  • at least 18 years old,

  • of good character,

  • interested in learning about and participating in activities.


LODGE MEETINGS & ACTIVITIES HAVE AGAIN BEEN SUSPENDED ~ The resurgence of COVID-19 infections in Pennsylvania has again made it neccesary for the Right Worshipful Grand Master to suspend all lodge activities until January 31st. We look forward to getting over this bump in the road and seeing you soon!

information for all upcoming events on our EVENTS & NEWS and CALENDAR pages


worshipful master introduction

and notes for january 2021

"Every morning you are handed 24 golden hours. They are one of the very few things in this world you get free of charge. If you had all the money in the world, you couldn't buy an extra hour. What will you do with this priceless treasure?" ~ Anonymous


Worshipful Master Introduction

 Brethren, let me introduce myself. my name is Joseph L. Pacheco. I have been elected Worshipful Master to serve this Lodge for the ensuing Masonic Year beginning on St. John's Day next. It is with great honor and humility that I write to all of you. I'm a proud 3rd generation Mason, it all started with my great grandfather who became a Mason in 1897 and was elected Worshipful Master of his Lodge in 1904. My father was initiated into Freemasonry in 1977, he then was elected Worshipful Master of his Lodge in 2009 (My father is also a 33rd degree Mason). My brother who lives in Australia, was made a Mason the same day i was. I am also looking forward to my son, who is currently a plebe at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis MD, to join our ancient and honorable Fraternity and continue our family tradition. So mote it be.

COVID-19 Situation

 My Brothers, due to the unfortunate rapid and severe spike of the Coronavirus in Pennsylvania, effective immediately, as of December 9th and until further notice, Bro. Thomas Gamon, IV, Right Worshipful Grand Master, directed that any and all lodge activities cancelled, including, but not limted  to; Stated, Extra or Special Meetings; social functons; schools of instruction, etc., as well as youth groups and community meetings/events that may be scheduled in our Lodge Building. Lodge officers may continue to pay Lodge bills in the ordinary course without Lodge approval. This will be in effect through January 31, 2021. The situation will be reevaluated and additional guidance will be provided by January 15, 2021. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, Stay safe and be well.

Almoners Fund

Brethren, are you aware of a worthy distressed member or are you experiencing some hardship yourself in the midst of thls COVID crisis? If the answer is Yes, please contact Bro. W, Andrew Bitner, P.M., via emaii at drewbitner@gmail.com.


Band Communication Tool

One of my goals for our Lodge in 2021 is to facilitate and make communications more effective. This tool will enable lodge members to communicate amongst themselves, receive reminders of our meetings and events, participate in polls, inform that a brother is in a hospital or isn't feeling too well and could benefit from getting a phone call or perhaps a visit. In short reduce the space that physically exists between us while fostering more awareness, communication and fellowship. This is not done via Facebook, this is a separate app where only members will be invited/approved to enter. You will need to register but I assure you that the amount of information you will need enter is very limited. Please contact me for instructions to join the group.



Your Dues to December 31, 2021, are $100.00. Dues are payable by the beginning of each year. Your dues statement envelope was mailed with the October 2020 Notice, it is to be used for returning your dues payment to the Secretary. Fifty-year members, in lieu of a dues payment, if you would respectfully like to make a donation, please use the dues statement envelope to mail in your remittance.

District 2 Blood and Organ Donor Program

Brethren, a reminder for the upcoming quarterly District 2 Blood Drive scheduled for Saturday, January 16, 2021, 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., to be held in the Harrisburg Consistory Ballroom. Please remember that all our Blood Drive events are open to the public. We want to be inclusive of all, and to show

Freemasonry as a committed partner in the health and well-being of our communities in which we live.



Brother Robert Lee Koser, P.M.

Initiated: November 16, 1976 Died: December 6, 2020 A future memorial service will be held at a later date in 2021.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Joseph L. Pacheco, Worshipful Master

welcome to lowther manor LODGE


Brothers and Visitors,

   THE LODGE BUILDING IS LOCATED AT 585 NAUVOO ROAD, LEWISBERRY, PA. We warmly welcome Masonic travelers! The lodge room has comfortable seating for eighty on the sidelines with space for additional special event seating. The social hall/dining area seats a similar number of brothers and guests. There is a full institutional kitchen and other facilities. The property sits on a 2+ acre lot with a large paved, lighted parking lot.

   BOOKMARK THIS PAGE AND COME BACK FREQUENTLY FOR UPDATES AND NEWS! If you have been away this would be a great opportunity to return to the lodge and share in our fellowship. YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!


Lodge Building Address (GPS): 585 Nauvoo Rd, Lewisberry, PA 17339

Lodge Phone c/o Secretary: 717-432-4939

Email:  lowthermanor781@gmail.com (Webmaster/General)

           SECY0781@PAGRANDLODGE.ORG (Lodge Secretary)

Mailing/Billing Address: Secretary, 429 Chestnut Grove Rd, Dillsburg, PA 17019

Secretary Phone: 717-432-4939

Lowther Manor Lodge is a subordinate lodge of the


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