At the December stated meeting, following a wonderful steak dinner, elections were held for the slate of officers to serve Lowther Manor Lodge for the masonic year beginning noon on Saint John's Day, December 27th, as follows:

  • Worshipful Master ~ Joseph Pacheco

  • Senior Warden ~ Todd L. Snyder, P.M.

  • Junior Warden ~ Jeffrey L. Heiss, P.M.

  • Treasurer ~ Dale M. Hauze Sr, P.M.

  • Secretary ~ Milton S. Gouse, Jr, P.M.

  • Trustees ~ W. Andrew Bitner, P.M., R. Edward Baumgardner, P.M., David C. Walters

  • Representative in the Grand Lodge ~ Mark E. Gaines, P.M.

  • Substitute Representativve in the Grand Lodge ~ Mark E. Essig, P.M.

Please join us in wishing the officers and members of Lowther Manor Lodge and those of the Grand and subordinate lodges a healthy and productive year in 2021!


JUNE 2021

08  6:00pm  - Dinner

08  7:30pm - STATED MEETING


  • DDGM Visitation

  • 1st Responder Recognition

12  7:30am - Breakfast & Highway Pickup

15  7:00pm - Extra Meeting/Rehearsal

22  7:30pm - 2nd District School of Instruction (HC)    

22  7:00pm - Masonic Mentoring


JULY 2021

LML or omitted = Lowther Manor Lodge Building     CMC = Carisle Masonic Center    HC = Harrisburg Consistory     E = Masonic Village, Elizabethtown

The lodge is "dark" for July, no stated or extra meetings.

17  TBD - Chicken Dinner Sale at the lodge.