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About Lodge Activities & Service

   A lodge whose activities were limited only to business meetings and conferring degrees would be very dull. Fortunately, at Lowther Manor Lodge, we believe it is our duty to be charitable, and to be of service to others. We also believe in true fellowship, being welcoming to others, and that mentoring are important to us as Freemasons.

"If we only did what was required of us, our lives would be as empty as the ruins of Lowther Castle".

Select from the list below to learn more about each topic.

This is a list of the various scheduled activities of the lodge in summary form. For detailed information on upcoming events click HERE. Follow us on Facebook to be notified about upcoming events.

The annual lodge carshow is one of our biggest events! It is a fun outreach event for local car enthusiasts. It is also the primary source of funding for our Trades Scholarship Program.

As Freemasons, we have a duty to be responsive to those in need, be they our fraternal brothers or others facing challenges. We engage in many charitable activities directly and indirectly.


We also engage in a variety of service projects which benefit our community as a group and as individuals.

Lowther Manor Lodge sponsors two scholarship programs. One is a scholarship program for students pursuing education in the trades with emphasis in the automotive trades. The other is an academic scholarship program for graduating high school students pursuing a college degree.

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