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   Masons are charged to be of service to God, to their family, and the community at large. Much of this service is done on an individual basis, exemplifying the principles of Freemasonry in our daily lives. Over 50% of our members are veterans with every branch of service represented. Many have risen to significant positions of leadership within the lodge, other fraternal bodies, religious institutions, government, and their vocation.

   We also engage in larger undertakings as a lodge where our individual efforts would be insufficient. An example not mentioned elsewhere on this site is:


   Lowther Manor Lodge is a 20+ year veteran of the Pennsylvania Department of transportation adopt-a-highway program. Our section of road is a two mile stretch of U.S. Highway 11/15 centered on its intersection with the Pennsylvania Turnpike. This is an exceptionally busy road and unfortunately there is always an exceptional amount of litter to pick up. Over the years we have picked up TONS of trash.

   We meet four times a year at a local restaurant for breakfast, fellowship, and a few hours of serving our community.

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